LotsOfHead.com started out as HomeBrewVideos.com, a pay site that included over 180 instructional videos and 11 printable guides to make learning how to homebrew as easy as possible.

All of the videos are now free and accessible on this website for everyone to view, hooray beer!

All of our homebrewing guides are also now 100% Free – but you have to first create an account and verify your email address to gain instant access to them.


Here are the Guides you’ll receive completely for Free when you register and confirm your email address:


  • 20 Surprising Facts About Homebrewing (24 pages)
  • Introduction To Homebrewing (27 pages)
  • Malt Extract Equipment Guide (28 pages)
  • Guide To Hops (13 pages)
  • Guide To Yeast (14 pages)
  • Guide To Malt Extract and Specialty Grains (20 pages)
  • How To Create Your Own Homebrew Recipes (14 pages)
  • Recipes For All Beers Brewed In My Videos (16 pages)
  • Brew Day Checklist (Never Miss A Step!) (9 pages)
  • Base Homebrew Recipes (19 pages)
  • How To Make Spent Grain Beer Bread (5 pages)

That’s 180+ pages of high-quality instructional guides for Free!


Click here to be taken to the registration page, it’s super freaking easy!


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